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What They’re Saying

Hi Steve Just a short note to let you know that the parts as ordered have arrived here in Australia. We are very happy with them and I'm pleased with the level of service you have given. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to fellow z friends I have here in Australia and wouldn't hesitate to deal with you in the future. Thanks again for the honest dealings.


Received your package , yesterday. Cover and cables look like they came from Nissan. Thanks, Max


I have purchased several items from your business and am really impressed with the quality and speediness of shipment of the items. It is truly spectacular what you are doing here to assist us with the restoration process of our Z cars.

Chris Tazelaar

Greatly Satisfied - 05/72 - 240Z owner

What a marvellous contact! An extensive range of both parts and knowledge, obviously born out of hands on restoration experience! Thanks, Steve, I truly appreciate your help. Kiwi Bryan

Bryan Bingley

Extremely satisfied customer and Z fanatic!

Hi Steve The package arrived on Thursday....thank you.


I can?t say enough about the accuracy you achieve in your reproductions---it truly is as though they came from the original manufacturer 40+ years ago. I have gotten so many compliments on my car and in large measure you are responsible. It simply would not be possible to achieve the same level of detail otherwise.

J. Daniels

You guys are awesome. Being a Z Guy who wants everything "right now"! , I appreciate you getting stuff "out the door" right now. Keep up the good work!



I received the first package and have been very happy with everything, thank you.

R. Davidson

Great products which have helped us restore our FairladyZ. Very accurate; difficult to tell from the original. Great service too! Thanks Steve.


Steve I've received the package in France, it's perfect. Thank you. William


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