Datsun 240z rubber parts

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70-73 Datsun 240z Rubber Grommets and Plastic Parts.

Featured items

NEW 240Z Battery Cover New
NEW 70-71 ashtray lid.

240 z Battery tray cover. Very early style. 

New Items

1969 series 1 
seat guards. 
NEW 240z Headlight wire rebuilt set complete. 

NEW 240z 260z, 280z Rear strut cap. is the home of the original cast rubber and plastic parts, not a  3D printed copy of our product. We own ALL the molds. 

We  provide many reproduction rubber parts that are NLA, or No Longer Available from Nissan. All of our 240z reproduction rubber parts are made in house and we
don't outsource any of the rubber parts.  Each rubber part is made from the best materials available to ensure you a quality product.  You can be sure that these rubber parts will last for years of continuous use. All of our rubber parts are made in the USA and hand inspected  for a  finish you can be proud of.

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Most of the 240z rubber parts are reproduced on a milling machine, which made for a very high quality master part. Each part is then cast in a two or three part high quality mold.

The rubber parts are cast in industrial grade urethane rubber with a shore hardness of either 70A or 80A. The urethane has been degassed in a vacuum chamber, then cast and cured in a pressure pot for 24hrs. After curing for 24hrs the insulator have been heated to 150deg for 8 hrs for post-curing.

All metal parts are punched with a CNC Strippit punch and die.