Datsun 240z rubber parts

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240z Engine Bay main wiring harness tab holders replacement rubber


240z Engine Bay main wiring harness  tab holders replacement rubber coating 71-73.

Each tab comes in a set of two pieces , enough to complete one tab.

There is a total of eight in the engine bay and two on the front for the  turnsignal wires.

The 73 also has 3 smaller tabs on the front along with the 2 larger style. 

To install cut off old rubber coating and install new rubber coating.

They will come cut to fit and some minor trimming might be needed for correct fitment.

Make sure you have the double tabs as the 69 and early 70 cars only have single tabs.

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NOTE: ALL metal tabs came from the factory with no primer or paint on any of the metal tabs. The tabs are the same size as the factory tabs without paint. If you have now painted your metal tabs, then they are now thicker and wider and will split when installed.

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